Inexpensive Beauty Secrets for all women
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10 Natural and Affordable Beauty Secrets

As women, we want to look our best, but sometimes we don’t have the extra funds for expensive beauty treatments and products. There’s no reason to worry, though. There are some natural, inexpensive beauty secrets you can use to freshen up your appearance without spending unnecessary cash. Check out the top 10 beauty secrets:

1. Bronzer or baby powder
Bronzer is for the brunettes and baby powder for the blondes. Both of these products are great not only for skin care, but for disguising oily hair as well. The powder absorbs the excess oil, which can be particularly heavy if you haven’t washed your hair in a while or if you play with your hair a lot. Matching the color of the powder to your hair color means no one will notice your secret.

2. Vaseline
Vaseline is a relatively cheap product that can be used for a variety of things. It’s great as a lip moisturizer, an eye makeup remover, and a lotion. Using Vaseline as a facial moisturizing can leave you with smooth, glowing skin, but the formula may be too thick for some people. Make sure it doesn’t make your skin break out before applying it to your entire face.

3. Visine
Visine, or other eyedrops, are a fast and effective way to make you look more alert. If you have redness in your eyes from exhaustion, allergies, or any other factor, eyedrops should clear the redness up. They can also make blemishes appear less red quickly.

4. Moisturizers for hair
It may seem like putting moisturizer on your hair would make it greasy, but this is only the case if you use too much. A dime sized amount of lotion, spread evenly over your hands and then gently smoothed onto your hair, can help tame stubborn flyaways and moisturize your hands in the process.

5. Lemon halves
When switching from a dark nail polish to a lighter shade, you may notice some staining from the original color. This can show through the new color and make it look dull. Putting your fingernails in lemon halves for five minutes will instantly brighten them and get them prepped for a new, bright nail polish color.

6. Instant cream eyeshadow
Instead of spending extra money to get a cream eyeshadow instead of a powder, you can easily make your own by simply wetting the application brush before applying regular powder eyeshadow. It’s simple but very effective.

7. Perfume on your wrists and neck
Instead of spraying perfume randomly onto your body, select the locations carefully. Perfume on the neck will emit a pleasant scent to anyone who leans in for a kiss on the cheek or to have an intimate conversation. If you’re going to be meeting people or working with your hands, a dab of perfume on the wrist is the best way to disperse the scent.

8. Fabric softener refreshment
After a night out, your hair might smell like smoke, drinks, or a number of other things. Rubbing a sheet of fabric softener over your hair will leave it smelling fresh and clean fast when there’s no time to wash.

9. Side parts
A quick and easy way to change up your hairstyle without dyes or cuts is to part it in a different location. The side part is a hot look worn by many celebrities right now.

10. Water
Finally, drinking the proper amount of water will keep your skin glowing and your system free of excess toxins. Hydration is one of the best things you can do for your body.

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