One of what makes you Feel Beautiful is your smile
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5 Secrets on How to Feel Beautiful

With so much focus on looking beautiful, sometimes we forget how important it is to feel beautiful as well.  When we feel beautiful, we’re more confident, and that reflects on the outside.

See yourself without judging
When we look in the mirror, we immediately start to judge our appearance.  A blemish or wrinkle somehow makes us a bad person.  Learning to stop the cycle of judging ourselves can make us feel more beautiful and confident.  Instead of seeing a scar as a flaw, simply see it as a memory.  Learn to think of wrinkles as signs of wisdom instead of signs of getting old.  We rarely judge other people based on small physical flaws, so we shouldn’t judge ourselves like that either.

Find something to love about yourself
This is another mirror trick.  Studies show that when people look at themselves in a mirror, their eyes immediately go to whatever they dislike about their face.  Instead, pick a feature you like and train your eyes to go there.  This can work for your whole body as well.  Seeing something about yourself that you like, instead of looking at something you consider a flaw, boosts your mood and makes you feel more beautiful.

Everyone is more attracted to smiling faces than unhappy faces, whether we realize it or not.  Smiling also makes you look younger by lifting the muscles around the mouth and eyes.  Psychologists believe that the simple act of smiling can boost your mood, and smiling at someone else definitely has a positive impact on their day.  Remember the old saying about how it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile?  The numbers in the saying may vary, but the message stays the same: smiling is always better than frowning.

Learn to accept compliments
For some reason, whenever we receive compliments, our first instinct is to say something like, “Oh, I just picked this up at a yard sale,” or, “Thanks, but it doesn’t fit me right.”  Putting yourself down whenever someone tries to compliment you is a huge confidence drainer.  Teach yourself to just accept compliments instead, by simply saying thank you.  You’ll be happier accepting compliments, and the people complimenting you will feel better about themselves, too.

Don’t compare yourself
Looking at pictures of Victoria’s Secret models and celebrities, and thinking how you’ll never look like that, doesn’t do anyone any good.  Almost all of those images are enhanced with airbrushing, lighting, and digital retouching.  Plus the models are always wearing heaps of makeup anyway.  So while it may be true that you won’t ever look like that, the people in those pictures will never look like that in real life either.  If you must compare yourself to something, look up pictures of celebrities without makeup, or models before Photoshop.  You’ll soon see that they’re just regular women without digital enhancement, and not a goal that you need to meet.

The most important part of feeling beautiful is confidence, and following these steps will ensure that your confidence is higher than ever.  When you’re confident and feeling beautiful on the inside, you look beautiful on the outside too.

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