Vaginal Application:

Secret Ceres is recommended to be used 1-3 times a week. It takes 3 minutes of your time.

1.    Briefly wet Secret Ceres under running water and insert it into the vagina.
2.    Insert Secret Ceres up to two thirds into the vagina and hold it with your thumb and index finger at the end that sticks out to secure it.
3.    Leave Secret Ceres max 90 seconds within the vagina without tightening the pelvic floor.
4.    After the application rinse the stick under running water and carefully dry it with a towel.
5.    Store the product in its original packaging.

After several minutes the tightening effect can be felt.

Use Secret Ceres once per week. If a state of imbalance persists in the vaginal flora (e.g. infection, mycoses, etc.) use it until the state of imbalance has been eliminated. In cases of severe imbalance of the vaginal flora a noticeable burning sensation will be felt during the application, which indicates the healing process and will diminish along with the decreasing of the symptoms.
After the first few applications of Secret Ceres the dead skin cells inside of the vagina will peel off and leave the vagina in a tender, cleansed and regenerated state.
Through the insertion into the vagina – the center of the female body – the energies of the 5 elements can be optimally absorbed by the human organism in order to unfold inside of the entire body. In the case of menstrual problems, menopausal problems, decreased libido as well as the maintenance of the vagina and the female sexual organs a regular usage of Secret Ceres is recommended.

External Application

Secret Ceres can also be used for external application on larger skin parts (i.e. stretch marks), for facial masks or the treatment of small skin parts (e.g. pimples, smaller wounds and injuries, insect bites, scars, etc.).
1.    Wet the entire stick under warm water.
2.    Repeatedly rub it over the desired areas or press it onto the affected area for approx. 1 minute.
3.    Leave the residue of Secret Ceres to dry on the skin or affected area and be absorbed as long as possible, preferably over night.
4.    Thereafter rinse the Secret Ceres with water and dry it with a towel.

Repeat the process at least twice a day.

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