Smelly Vagina is caused by bacteria
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Dealing with a Smelly Vagina

A smelly vagina is one of the most embarrassing personal problems a woman can have.  It takes the fun out of life when you’re always worried about whether or not anyone will notice the unpleasant vaginal smell.  Despite the awkwardness of a smelly vagina, it’s a common issue.  In order to get rid of an unpleasant smell, you must identify why the smell exists in the first place.

Is it an infection causing the smelly vagina?

An unusual smell coming from your most intimate area can be a sign of a vaginal infection. Vaginal infections caused by bacteria often produce a fishy smell, as do sexually transmitted infections.  If this is the reason behind the smelly vagina problem, treating the problem should eliminate the foul odor.

Airing it out

Sometimes the cause of the odor isn’t as easy to spot as an infection.  Vaginas can produce an unpleasant smell for a variety of reasons, one of which is poor air circulation.  It needs to breathe just like any other part of your body, and it’s hard for it do so when constricted by tight underwear.  Plain cotton panties are the best choice to let your vagina breath.  If you’re brave, you can even sleep in the nude for a few nights and get air to your vagina that way.  To fix a smelly vagina, sometimes all you need to do is air it out a little bit, the same way you’d air out old linens to get them smelling fresh again.

Keeping it clean

Practicing good hygiene is one of the best things you can do to eliminate and prevent the problem of a smelly vagina.  The active ingredients in Secret Ceres stimulate the body’s own cleansing system to promote naturally hygienic internal flora.  Unlike douches, which can throw off your pH levels, Secret Ceres helps to balance the pH, working with your body to create the healthiest conditions possible.  Using Secret Ceres in combination with regular washing, with a gentle additive-free soap, will result in excellent vaginal hygiene and greatly reduce any bad vaginal odor you’ve been experiencing.

Using the right products to deal with a smelly vagina

Whether you’re treating the source of the smell or covering it up with scented products, many of the items sold to neutralize a smelly vagina can actually irritate the sensitive area, making the problem worse.  When your vagina gets irritated because of the chemicals in a product, it itches, burns, and can produce foul-smelling discharge.  To avoid getting sucked into the trap of a treatment for smelly vagina creating more problems than it fixes, you need to find a product that works for you without a doubt.  Secret Ceres is made of organic, soothing materials.  There are no synthetic chemicals that will irritate your vagina, making it the perfect choice to treat your problems without creating more.

Once you’ve treated a smelly vagina, you’ll be so much more confident and comfortable with yourself sexually.  Don’t put it off any longer; take care of that problem now so you can enjoy life to the fullest! Click here to find out how to get rid of vaginal odor for good.

17 thoughts on “Dealing with a Smelly Vagina

  1. haidee yap says:

    i have a smelly vagina, what should i do , it stinks so much

    1. Name says:

      I had vaginal odor. My partner used to hate my vagina during sex because of this. I went to doctor without doing nothing although I was shy. Doctor noticed my vaginal odor like a fish when she examined. She has recommended two things. First, I would not wear underwear when sleeping. Second, I would wash my vagina with only water. I have done them and then I have got rid of fishy odor that belongs to my vagina. Do these suggestions and get rid of it.

      1. Name says:

        thank you for the tips. i am in the same situation with my husband. i just can’t seem to get rid of it. i have tried vinegar and water and dueching but nothing seems to work. i will deffinately have to try your suggestions. thank you.

  2. Adina says:

    Dear Haidee,

    you could try using Secret Ceres. A lot of our customers say they where able to get rid of their smelly vagina with it.


  3. Ms Trunk says:

    The most important thing in my opinion is always clean Mrs V, when in the shower and while pee. So She is always clean and healthy.

  4. My Secret Ceres says:

    @ Ms Trunk,

    I would say that is the basis for beeing healthy down there 🙂 if thats not enough Secret Ceres might help.

  5. Dave Taz says:

    I love the aroma! When it is the natural scent, nothing could be sexier. Now a true yeast infection is another matter.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I didn’t know my vagina smelt so bad until my partner said it smelt like dead rotten fish. My labia is so large and hangs down like a pair of testicles which I think is causing the problem.

    1. My Secret Ceres says:

      Hello Jennifer, there are many things that can cause bad vaginal odor. It can be an infection, your diet, not enough “air, etc. Browsing our website might help you, since we have many remedies for dealing with it on our website. You can also have a look at THIS.

  7. Jess says:

    For the few months no matter what I do my vagina just stinks. Its hard to do anything without thinking “Oh someone else can smell it” so I try and stay by myself. It has ruined my sex life, don’t get it close to what I used to. I went to my doctor about it and like a lot of things, it seemed all better the day I went in. It didn’t smell or have any discharge, until I left the doctors office…she took a lot of samples for tests, and they all came back normal..
    Do you have any advice that might be able to help.

    1. My Secret Ceres says:

      Hey there, you are not the only one suffering from vaginal odor. On our website you will find many helpful things that can help you improve you situation. If all these remedies don’t help, you can give Secret Ceres a try. Many women have great results with it.

  8. jeff says:

    So, how do you let someone know they have a smelly vagina? I’ve been seeing a girl and she’s has a smelly vagina, I don’t know how to or what to tell her? Anyone got any suggestions?

    1. My Secret Ceres says:

      Hey Jeff,

      this can be a difficult one. How long have you been seeing her? Is she open, maybe it would be ok just to talk to her about it.

      There is no perfect solution, since every person will react different.

  9. Kristi says:

    My vaginal odour really is gross. I’ve tried things like eating sugar-free yoghurt everyday, washing with only water and wearing cotton underwear but it still stinks. It gets to the point where I’m washing so many pairs of panties and jeans every week because the smell sticks to them. I’m very nervous about going to the doctor to find out if it’s an infection though as I’m extremely self concious and my doctor is a man. What should I do?

    1. My Secret Ceres says:

      Hey Kristi, since you have tried so many of the well know remedies you should probably see a doctor to find out what the cause for the odor is. Depending on the cause you can then also look at Secret Ceres as a possible natural solution.

  10. Name says:

    I have a prob wit my vagina, i just hate it wen i smell fresh for a while then later durin the day i start smellin the odour even when im standin… It often smells lyk sum sort of unplesant soap- pls help, please!!!

  11. sherry says:

    Hiya I get smelly discharge but it comes and goes with different severities of stink I’ve been told It’s strep but the doctors won’t do anything about it because it isn’t serious enough is there a natural way to get rid of it without pills

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