Vaginal odor treatment can be done naturally
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Easy And Effective Vaginal Odor Treatment

Bad vaginal odor is probably one of the most embarrassing and uncomfortable experience for any woman which makes finding an effective vaginal odor treatment even more important. It could be caused by something as simple as poor personal hygiene or something more serious such as bacterial infection. No matter what the source of this smelly dilemma is, there is a suitable vaginal odor treatment out there.

You have two alternatives for your vaginal odor treatment: you can do it either in a natural or medical way. You need to consult your doctor first, though, to determine the best vaginal odor treatment for you. While it is good to try out a few remedies here and there, it is still advisable to find something more appropriate for you.

Medical treatment

The safest and most effective vaginal odor treatment you can get without a prescription is Enzara. This homeopathic medicine targets the bacteria with its full strength, ensuring greater chances of eliminating the recurring vaginal odor. This powerful FDA-registered drug works against the common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis such as vaginal odor, itching, burning and discharge.

Anti-fungal and vaginal creams are also common vaginal odor treatment. Clindamycin is applied directly to the vagina for a week to relieve itching and smelly vaginal odor. It also comes in pills. There is also Flagyl which is taken two times a day for seven days. A variety of vaginal inserts are also available, some without prescriptions, to cure vaginal odor treatment.

If you are unsure about these medications, it is still best for you to seek a doctor’s advice and get diagnosed to find out the specific symptoms and causes of your vaginal odor.

Natural vaginal odor treatment

If you are not a big fan of medications then you can give natural vaginal odor treatment a try. The basic thing you need to know is, your vagina, like you, needs air to breathe. If you make it a habit to wear tight undergarments and pants on a day-to-day basis, it is time for a wakeup call. Underwear which is made from nylon, polyester or spandex makes it difficult for your vagina to breathe. It is advisable that you wear something loose and preferably made from cotton. The perspiration that accumulates from your vagina will allow bad bacteria to infest it, therefore giving off that bothersome vaginal odor.

Another natural vaginal odor treatment is increasing the pH balance of good bacteria in your vagina. You can overpower those pestering bad bacteria by eating yogurt or applying it directly to your vagina for best results. A natural supplement like Destinol, which is made from all-natural and non-chemical materials, can help preserve an appropriate amount of Lactobacillus in your vagina, making your pH well-balanced.

A healthy diet is also crucial to a healthy and odorless vagina. You need to watch what you eat. Stuff up more on food with probiotics to help increase the number of good bacteria in your vagina. Some examples are cheese, pickles, tofu and even sauerkraut Liquid chlorophyll mixed with a bit of soy sauce and spinach juice is also worth a try. This unique vaginal odor treatment restores your vagina’s natural pH.

Do not let vaginal odor ruin you and take out the excitement out of your life. Seek out professional help, choose a suitable vaginal odor treatment from above and try to sustain it for as long as you like.


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