Eye Make up Techniques for all skin types
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Eye Makeup Techniques that Work!

In our last article we talked genrally about Eye Make up Techniques and how the tone of your skin and your eye colour are the most important things to take into consideration when trying new eye makeup ideas or a new eyeshadow palette. Today were going to tak about a few of the other less key factors to take into count when doing your eyes.

The shape of your eyes is another factor and comes into play when you apply your eyeliner. Eye Makeup Tips: If you have wider eyes you can rim them all round and make them look even bigger.  If you have more narrow eyes you want to avoid rimming them all the way round since that will make your eyes look even smaller. With narrow eyes put your eyeliner and eyeshadow on the outer half of your eyes. This will make them look bigger and rounder.

When you’re applying eyeshadow always have three or four colours with shades from lightest to darkest. Step one of the application is putting the lightest colour on your brow bone, that is the place directly below your eye brow arch. Then line your eyes with eye liner. This helps when you are putting on the darker shades so you don’t smudge the liner. Next apply a medium shade in your eye-lid crease. Be sure to cover the whole crease. Last comes the darkest shade which is applied to the lowest part of your eye-lid starting on the outside corner and working in.

Just like eyeshadow it’s important to choose the correct colour of mascara for your skin tone, complexion and eye color. The colour of your hair is another factor in your eye makeup application techniques. Eye Makeup Tips: If you’re fair-skinned, blonde or a red head then black mascara may be too harsh for you. Sometimes you can pull it off at night when you will be in darker places. But generally for fairer skinned women it’s advisable to stick with dark brown mascara. For a medium complexion you will find your look most flattered by dark brown or even soft black mascara. For those with dark eyes and a darker complexion you can wear complete black – the blackest of black!

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