There are different types of Facial Hair removal
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Facial Hair removal for Women: Different Options

Women are very conscious about how they look. They see to it that they are properly groomed and look great whenever they go out of their house. One of the many beauty maintenance women do to maintain their gorgeous look is to remove facial hair.

The Facial hairs are often found on top of the lips, on the jaw line or in between the eye brows. It can be thin or thick. Thin facial hairs are best left alone since they are hardly noticeable. Thick facial hairs are the one that are removed in order to give women a clean, fresh and more feminine look. It is very awkward to look women with thick facial hairs. They would definitely look like men in a dress.

Facial hair removal for women has two types. One type results to temporary hair removal while the other results to permanent hair removal. Temporary facial hair removal includes plucking, shaving and cream application. Permanent facial hair removal includes laser treatment and electrolysis.

Plucking is the cheapest yet painful method of removing facial hair. A puller or a plucking device is needed in order to make this possible. This method also takes time as one needs to pull out thick hair one at a time. Facial hair may grow back 2-3 days after plucking so it needs to be done at least twice a week depending on the need.

Shaving is another method to remove facial hair temporarily. A shaving cream and a razor are needed for this method. The good thing with this is that it is not painful. On the negative side, this method can make the hair look thick especially if done in a wrong way (due to the angle of shaving) and hair may come back the next day so in this case, shaving should be done every day. Frequent shaving can irritate the skin and could make it look dark.

Cream application like depilatory creams can be used. These creams can dissolve the hair easily thus there is no need for shaving. Sensitivity test should be done first before applying any creams on the skin. It can be done by applying a small amount of the cream on the inner forearm and leave it for about 30 minutes. If there are any redness, itchiness and tenderness or small bumps, sensitivity test is positive. That means that one is allergic on one or more components of the cream and should not be used.

Permanent facial hair removal includes laser and electrolysis. Laser uses light and heat to destroy the root of hair follicles. If it is destroyed, hair is unlikely to grow back again. Electrolysis on the other hand uses a device with an “epilator” which is inserted on the hair follicle to destroy it. Electrolysis is very time consuming as it is done on every hair follicle. These two methods are definitely effective in removing facial hair for good but are very expensive.

These are the different ways on how to remove facial hair. level of comfort and budget should be taken into consideration when employing any of these methods.

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