Knowing when does menopause start in a woman
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Find out when does menopause start?

One common question that bothers middle-aged women is when does menopause start? As a woman, it is vital to find out the exact age when you are about to expect the first signs of menopause. It might vary for most women but there is what we call a perimenopause stage or the transition period where a woman will start to feel and see the earliest symptoms of menopause.

When does menopause normally start?

The issue of when does menopause start is something that you should wonder about once you reach your late 40s and are well on your way to your early 50s. One factor to consider when you are trying to find out when does menopause start is your own culture and heritage. Women in Asian cultures do not suffer that much from perimenopause symptoms, at least not as much as Western women who encounter these symptoms as early as in their 40s.

When does menopause start? The first sign which confirms that you are already menopause is when you do not get your monthly period for 12 months straight.  The average age for this is usually around 45 to 55. What you need to remember though is that these menopause symptoms may or may not start before or after the actual menopause sets in. You might experience these symptoms long before or after you are ‘officially’ menopause.

The perimenopause stage usually determines when does menopause start for most women. This period is when your hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, become unbalanced making the symptoms more evident. This is the main cause of the irregularity in your period. Women who are starting to get menopause symptoms will have normal monthly period for a while but then it would halt for another few months.

The interval and flow of your monthly period will also start to differ and you might encounter some really heavy and intense menstrual stream every now and then. The monthly period becomes more unpredictable and could be shorter or longer than you expected. The flow might be little or heavy, depending on the ovulation process.

If you want to know when does menopause start, you should be able to prepare yourself for the effects of the various symptoms that you would undergo. It is no picnic – this menopause thing. But that does not mean you should give up on your life. With the right and positive attitude, healthy diet and regular exercise, you will be able to overcome this natural change in every woman’s life.

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