Good hygiene helps treat a vaginal smell
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Fixing Smelly Vagina Discharge

Smelly vagina discharge is one of the most embarrassing problems a woman can have with her vagina.  When you have bad vaginal odor, you’re constantly worried about whether or not other people can smell it.  Knowing the causes and treatments of bad vaginal odor can help you recover from the problem quickly and easily.

Infections can cause smelly vagina discharge

Vaginal infections are a common cause of odorous discharge. Bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections are the types of infections women experience most, and the two most likely infections to cause a smell.  With bacterial vaginosis the smell resembles fish.  Yeast infections are a little different.  Some people say these smell like fish as well, while others say they smell like baking bread.  Either way, treating the infection will get rid of smelly vagina discharge associated with it.


Keeping the vagina clean will help, but be sure not to wash it too much.  Once a day with plain, unscented soap will be enough.  Douching isn’t necessary as it can actually upset vaginal balance even more.  Avoid wearing wet clothes for extended periods of time, especially if the wetness is sweat.  Bacteria like to grow in damp conditions so leaving wet clothes on is just giving them the right environment to grow.  Finally, change tampons and pads regularly when on your period.

Other causes for smelly vagina discharge

In some cases, smelly vagina discharge can be caused by a poor diet.  This makes sense because what you put into your body affects the health of it overall.  If you think the smell could be caused by poor diet, try incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your meals.  Some women who have problems with vaginal discharge say that drinking cranberry juice regularly improves the odor of the discharge noticeably.

Some sexually transmitted diseases can cause smelly vagina discharge.  Always use a condom during sex unless you’re in a long-term, committed relationship with your partner and know they’re free of STDs.

Dealing with the smell

Like any change in vaginal discharge, discharge that smells more than normal should be evaluated by your doctor.  While it might not be a sign of any serious problem, it could point to an infection and it’s best to get infections treated as soon as possible.  If your doctor tells you an infected vagina isn’t the problem, you can start home treatment immediately.  Smelly vagina discharge shouldn’t affect your quality of life, so work on fixing the problem today.

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