Be creative and you will achieve a G-spot Orgasm
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G-Spot Secrets to a Better Orgasm

In this article you will learn the secret to a g-spot orgasm. Not being able to orgasm is a problem many women face during intercourse.  It may be so bad you think you aren’t able to orgasm at all, and can lead to your partner feeling guilty that he can’t please you.  What a lot of couples don’t know is that there are a few, simple secrets to women’s pleasure that will have you experiencing orgasm in no time.

G-spot orgasm – pay attention to the clitoris

All women are capable of having an orgasm, but some simply need clitoral stimulation to do it.  When you’re only being stimulated vaginally, you aren’t experiencing your full orgasm potential.  Try out some new positions that lead to more clitoral stimulation for you.  A popular position for this is putting the woman on top, lying forward slightly so the man’s pelvic bone stimulates the clitoris while intercourse is happening.  If you don’t like any of the possible positions, you can solve that problem by touching yourself during sex.  Not only does this give you some control over your orgasm, but most men find it hot as well.

Knowing what you like can help

Sex shouldn’t be about having an orgasm every single time.  You and your partner should try having some creative sex sessions, to find out some of the different things you both like.  Without time to experiment, it’s hard to know what will turn you on when you are trying for an orgasm.  You can practice by yourself by masturbating as well.  Masturbation is a seldom-discussed topic among women, but there’s no need to be embarrassed: a study by the famous sex psychologist Alfred Kinsey revealed that around 62% of women masturbate.  That’s more than half the female population.  Masturbating is a great way to figure out what turns you on, and you can share that knowledge with your partner later.

Take your time

Couples that rush through sex are less likely to experience mutual, pleasurable orgasms.  Men often reach the point of orgasm faster than women, so if you want an orgasm, it’s important to tell your man to slow down from time to time.  Women also take longer than men to get turned on, and having sex before both people are ready can result in pain and unpleasant friction for the woman.  A few more minutes might be all it takes for you to experience a fantastic orgasm.

Creative foreplay

A lot of people get stuck on what sex and foreplay “should” be.  If you stick to the normal standards you hear from friends or read about in magazines, you might be missing out on something that drives both of you crazy.  Experiment with new things.  An adult store is a great place to find ideas.  You can find books about sex and foreplay there, or jump right into buying items for the bedroom.  Something as simple as a lingerie outfit or some fuzzy handcuffs can take things to a whole new level in your sex life.

Have fun

More than anything else, sex should be about fun and bonding with your partner.  Don’t worry too much about a g-spot orgasm.  It’ll come when the time is right, and following these tips should help. Click here to find out how to find your G-Spot and achieve an ultimate orgasm. To find out how to have a g-spot orgasm so powerful you will shake and squirt with ecstasy continue reading here: How to have a g-spot orgasm!

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