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Get Rid of Foul Smelling Vaginal Odor with 5 Tips

Foul smelling vaginal odor is a problem experienced by many women, but it’s also something no one wants to talk about. It can be embarrassing when your vagina doesn’t smell as pleasant as it should. Here are five easy tips you can do to reduce bad vaginal odor.

Treat infections
Foul smelling vaginal odor is often caused by infections. Sometimes women don’t know they have an infection because they don’t know what other symptoms to look for. Along with the unpleasant smell, a change in discharge is usually the most common symptoms of any kind of vaginal infection. Some common vaginal infections that cause odor are yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and trichomoniasis. All of these can be treated after first being diagnosed by a doctor. Once the infection is gone, your vaginal odor should improve or at least be greatly reduced.

Wear cotton panties
Panties made of synthetic materials like nylon and vinyl are without a doubt sexy, but they can cause some problems for the vagina if worn too much. Save them for special occasions, and wear cotton panties the rest of the time. Don’t worry about looking frumpy; most lingerie stores carry a wide variety of cute cotton panties that are just as nice as synthetic alternatives. The reason you want to wear cotton panties is to allow air to circulate to the vagina. When the vagina can breathe, there’s less of a chance that odor-causing bacteria will build up.

Stay clean with baby wipes
Improper hygiene can cause foul smelling vaginal odor. Sometimes this is because toilet paper doesn’t remove urine all the way, or because a woman finds soap to be too harsh on the vagina. There’s a simple solution for these problems: baby wipes. This is an old trick used by women to stay clean on-the-go, but it’s also great for use in the home. Baby wipes remove more after using the bathroom than toilet paper does, and they’re guaranteed to be gentle.

Get rid of irritants
The fragrances in tampons, pads, pantyliners, and toilet paper are designed to make your vagina smell better. However, those fragrances are often made with chemicals that can irritate the sensitive area. When the vagina becomes irritated, it can produce foul smelling vaginal odor, which is the opposite of what you were trying to do when you bought those products. Surprisingly enough, plain unscented products trap odor just as well as the scented varieties do, without the risk of irritation. Switch to the unscented kind to save your vagina from unnecessary irritation.

Keep your body healthy
The most important of all these tips to avoid a smelly vagina is something you should already be doing: whole body health. Simply eating right, drinking enough water, and staying fit will promote good health for your entire body, including your vagina.

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