Intense Vaginal Itching could be because of an infection
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How to Calm Intense Vaginal Itching

Intense vaginal itching is an extremely uncomfortable situation, and can make going out and sitting through long events an almost impossible task.  How can you soothe this itching?  The first step is to find out the cause.

Itching due to infections
The most common symptoms of a vaginal infection, whether it’s a yeast, bacterial, or sexually transmitted infection, is a change in discharge and odor.  Intense vaginal itching is a rarer symptom, but if it presents itself along with unusual discharge and odor, it’s probably a sign of infection.  Treating the infection will relieve the itching.  The best way to figure out what type of infection you have is to see a doctor.  You’ll need to pay them a visit anyway before you can safely start a treatment plan, so you might as well ask their opinion on the type of infection.  Some infections can only be treated with prescriptions, while others can be cured with home remedies.

Intense vaginal itching is most often caused by some form of irritation.  The vagina is sensitive, so a lot of the things that don’t irritate other parts of your body may irritate the vagina.  Some examples are: strong soaps, laundry detergent, and bubble bath; feminine hygiene products containing fragrances or dyes; and chemical, store-bought douches.  The easiest way to deal with itching due to irritation is to switch the product you’re using now with a gentler variety.  For feminine hygiene products, this means an unscented, plain white pad or tampon.  Soaps and detergents can be replaced with a version made for babies or children.  As for douches, it’s best to avoid these altogether unless recommended by a health professional.  If you must douche, make a homemade version using safe, organic ingredients.  Yogurt is a popular homemade douche and a great treatment for infections.

Hormonal changes
Hormonal changes are a less visible but just as likely cause of intense vaginal itching.  Pregnancy causes many changes in the body, and irritation of the vagina is pretty common at one point or another.  During menopause, another big hormonal change, the walls of the vagina become thinner and dryer.  This often leads to itching, which can get worse if scratched.  Finally, starting a birth control pill can lead to a few changes the first month or so.  While uncommon, vaginal itching can be a result of this.  If itching persists for more than a week, especially if it’s accompanied by other symptoms, you should see a doctor to make sure there’s no serious problem.

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