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How to Find Relief for an Itching Vagina

An itching vagina causes a myriad of problems for the woman suffering: it’s distracting, embarrassing, uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful.  If left alone, itching can turn into pain and soreness that make normal activities, like intercourse or inserting a tampon, painful.  To soothe an itchy vagina and avoid further problems, you must identify and eliminate the cause of itching.

Itching related to infection

Vaginal infections cause a number of symptoms, from a foul odor and discharge to small issues like burning and itching.  The itching, burning, soreness, and other irritation that affects the vagina is called vaginitis.  Vaginitis itself isn’t an infection, but it often occurs alongside or before vaginal infections.  Some common infections that cause itching are bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and trichomoniasis.  You should be able to tell if you have an infection by the more obvious symptoms, like discharge and odor.  A doctor can confirm your diagnosis and give you treatment, which will cure your itching vagina.

Irritants that cause itching

Itching caused by irritating products is probably more common than itching due to an infection.  There are a whole host of things in your bathroom, bedroom, and laundry room that could irritate your vagina.  In the bathroom you have feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, feminine cleansing wipes, douches, bubble bath, and other soaps.  If any of these contain fragrances, dyes, or other synthetic additives, they could be too harsh for contact with the vagina.  In the bedroom, lube and latex condoms can be irritants for some people, especially if the lube is flavored or scented.  Finally, laundry detergent can leave residue on undergarments and irritate the vagina if it’s heavily concentrated.  To solve all of these problems and soothe an itching vagina, simply remove the irritating product and replace it with a natural, gentler variety.

Hormonal changes

An itching vagina can also be a result of hormonal changes.  Hormonal changes cause many strange effects in the body.  In some women, this can manifest in the form of a dry vagina, which leads to itching.  Stress is another potential cause of dryness and subsequent itching.  When stress affects your vaginal health, it also makes you more prone to infection.  Itching due to hormones will clear up on its own as your hormone levels rebalance, but itching due to stress will need some effort from you to go away.  Figure out what’s causing your stress and find some way to deal with it.  Take a personal day, or go get a massage.  You’ll be surprised how much stress affects your body, including vaginal health.

While you’re healing…

We all know that any kind of healing can be a long process, and the symptoms don’t entirely go away until you’re fully healed.  There are a few things you can do about itching while you’re waiting for the cause of your trouble to be eliminated.  Aloe vera gel is a great choice to soothe any skin conditions like itching and burning.  Just make sure you’re using an organic, additive-free kind if you’re going to use it around the vagina. Click here to see how Secret Ceres can help you with your intimate problem.

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