There are tips for a Vaginal Rejuvenation keeping your vagina nice and healthy
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How to Have a Nice Vagina

What makes a nice vagina?  A nice vagina is healthy, youthful, and aesthetically pleasing.  It should feel comfortable during sex and other physical activities.  There should be no unpleasant odors and the vagina should feel fresh.  It’s easy to transform and improve your vagina with the methods.

A healthy vagina
A healthy vagina is free from infections.  Vaginal infections can cause a bad vaginal odor, excess discharge, and irritation such as itching or burning.  These symptoms are often embarrassing and can cause a woman to become less confident.  If you want a nice vagina, the first thing to do is rid your vagina of any infections.  Most infections are caused by bad bacteria or fungi in the vagina.  There are a few different options to treat vaginal infections.  Sometimes over-the-counter treatments will work, but in other cases you’ll need to see a doctor to obtain a prescription medication.

Sexual health
Good sexual health is important to keeping a nice vagina.  Unprotected intercourse can result in nasty diseases, so it’s vital to take the necessary precautions to maintain the health of your vagina during and after sexual activity.  It might seem obvious, but after being sexually active for a while even the best of us can forget to use a condom.  Unless you’re in a long-term committed relationship, it’s important to use some kind of protection during sex so as to avoid sexually transmitted infections.  Another thing to keep in mind is the frequency of sex.  Having sex very often can cause the vagina to become irritated due to friction.  If you notice sex-related irritation, try to take a break for a few days to let the sensitive area heal, and make sure you’re always properly lubricated before intercourse to reduce friction.

A youthful vagina
Another key to having a nice vagina is maintaining a youthful appearance and feel.  As you age, your vagina can become looser than it used to be.  You can reverse this and tone the vaginal muscles by doing regular strengthening exercises.  These are known as Kegel exercises and are popular among women who have recently given birth.  The coloration of a nice vagina is typically a pinkish hue.  If you notice unusual redness, eliminate any possible sources of irritation until the redness fades.  You can use a gentle tea-tree-oil cream or pure aloe vera gel to soothe the area while it heals.

Other tips
Some vaginas are more sensitive than others.  If you’ve tried everything and still don’t feel you have a nice vagina, consider the products it comes into frequent contact with.  Most people don’t realize that even products made to be used in or around the vagina can contain ingredients that are too harsh for some women.  Scented or dyed toilet papers and feminine hygiene products can be irritants to the vagina, causing itching, redness, and increased discharge.  Flavored condoms, lube, and certain kinds of soaps can also aggravate the sensitive area.  Try switching to unscented, plain products and use soap made for sensitive skin, and you’ll be the proud owner of a nice vagina in no time.

One thought on “How to Have a Nice Vagina

  1. Molly Ren says:

    ” If you want a nice vagina, the first thing to do is rid your vagina of any infections.”

    Why does it have to be “bad vagina” and “nice vagina”? Vaginal infections can be unpleasant and should be treated, but they happen often enough to most women that I think they should be seen as part of life, rather than something “immoral”.

    I also have images of scolding my vagina as if it had made a mess on the rug. “Bad vagina! No more treats for you!” XD

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