Eliminating Vagina Odor and how to prevent it from coming back
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How to Reduce Vagina Odor

Vagina odor can be an embarrassing experience, especially in intimate situations.  It’s sometimes hard to pinpoint the cause of a bad vaginal odor, making it even more difficult to eliminate the smell.  If you’re having problems with odor, there are a few things you can do to try and reduce the problem.

Check for infections
One of the symptoms of an infected vagina is an unusually strong or foul-smelling odor coming from the vagina.  If you’re experience vagina odor, it’s important to make sure you don’t have an infection.  If you leave an infection untreated, the smell will continue no matter what other steps you take.  Other signs of a vaginal infection are itching, burning, redness, and soreness.  Unusual discharge, whether it’s a change in color, consistency, or amount, is another sign of an infection.  If you suspect your vagina odor is caused by an infection, see a doctor.  A doctor is the only person who will be able to diagnose you accurately and give you the treatment you need to recover from the infection.

Eliminate irritation
Your vagina can become irritated by a lot of things throughout the day.  Things like scented tampons, colored toilet paper, and soaps with additives can all irritate the vagina.  The symptoms of an irritated vagina are basically the same as the symptoms of a vaginal infection.  Redness and itching are especially common, but vagina odor can be a result of irritation as well.  If this is the cause of the odor, solving the problem is as easy as removing the source of irritation.  Switch to plain soap, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene products.  Some laundry detergents can be too harsh for use on underwear.  If this is the case, try using detergent made for baby clothes on your undergarments.  Once you understand what types of things irritate the vagina and cause odor, it’s easy to remove the problem at its source.

Prevention is key
If you prevent vagina odor before it begins, you won’t need to deal with it later on.  Hygiene is a big part of keeping your vagina smelling fresh.  Wash yourself daily with a gentle, plain soap.  Remember not to use a cleansing product with additives or dyes.  Letting your vagina breathe will help prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing.  To do this, wear cotton underwear instead of synthetic materials, and sleep in the nude if you’re feeling brave.

Vagina odor doesn’t have to become a huge problem, unless you let it.  Take care of odor before it starts and you’ll never have to deal with an embarrassing vagina odor again.

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