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How to Soothe Vagina Pain

When you’re experiencing vagina pain, you don’t feel like yourself.  You may lose interest in sex and feel discomfort when getting dressed and bathing.  Instead of suffering and waiting for the pain to go away, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.  However, to know how to treat pain, you need to know what causes it first.

Infections are a common cause of vagina pain.   Swelling and soreness are the most frequent painful sensations.  Other symptoms of a vaginal infection are burning and itching, which can be painful depending on how intense they are.  Infections occur when the healthy bacteria in the vagina is outnumbered by the bad bacteria, so to treat vagina pain caused by an infection, you need to restore balance to the vagina.  Since there are so many types of infections, your best bet is to see a doctor for a solid diagnosis.  Your doctor will also be able to prescribe or recommend a medication to clear up your infection.

A great product that many women use to prevent vagina pain is called Secret Ceres, it tightens, rejuvenates and heals the vagina naturally.

Sexual intercourse can also lead to vagina pain.  When aroused, the female body produces natural lubrication to make sex smooth.  If this doesn’t happen, or if sex is initiated before the process has time to work, there can be a lot of uncomfortable friction.  This friction can result in burning and soreness around the vaginal opening.  The best treatment for this kind of pain is prevention.  If your body isn’t producing enough wetness on its own, use a commercial lubrication specifically made for sex.  The water-based variety is the best because it most closely imitates your body’s natural fluids.

The last common source of vagina pain is irritants.  When pain is caused by irritants, it feels more like burning than soreness.  If this is the kind of pain you’re experiencing, the source will probably be found in your bathroom.  Toilet paper and feminine hygiene products often contain dyes and fragrances, despite the fact that most are too harsh for contact with the vagina.  Plain, unscented products are better because there’s no chance they’ll irritate your skin.  Also consider the detergent you’re washing your underwear in.  Even after rinsing, some of the really concentrated kinds leave behind residue that can be an irritant.

The healing process
After eliminating the source of vagina pain, you’ll feel a little better every day.  To soothe the area while you’re healing, you can apply a gentle aloe vera cream.  Although this won’t help you heal any faster, it will relieve some of the pain.  Avoid or decrease sexual activity until your vagina feels better, and after you heal remember to use proper lubrication before intercourse.  With fast treatment and coping methods, vagina pain doesn’t have to interrupt your life.

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