Irregular Periods are common signs that woman is about to reach her menopausal stage
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Irregular Periods: Causes and Treatments

When people hear about a woman having irregular periods, the misconception is that she is might be pregnant. While that could be the cause for this vital change in the menstrual cycle, it is not the sole reason. There is nothing ‘abnormal’ about a woman who does not get her period every 4 weeks. Irregular periods are just as natural and usual as eating and breathing. You do not have to worry if you get irregular periods every once in a while. What most women do not know is that they do not get their periods in exactly the same number of days after the previous one.


Between the times of a woman’s first period up to her last period before entering the menopausal stage, an average woman would have around 500 menstrual cycles all through her life span. Although there are various causes of irregular periods, the most probable culprit here is the unpredictable hormone levels which usually happen to women nearing menopause. We all know that the hormones estrogen and progesterone play essential roles in the regularization of the menstrual cycle. These two hormones control the cycle and drive the process. Like any other cycle, if one of the factors decrease or increase drastically it will cause an imbalance in the natural process. Irregular periods happen when the production of hormone dwindles.

Health and lifestyle conditions

Normally, a woman between the ages of 45 and 55 will experience irregular periods prior to the menopausal stage. However, hormonal imbalance is not the only culprit for irregular periods. Certain lifestyles and health conditions sets it off too. For instance, health conditions like tuberculosis, irritable bowel syndrome, anemia, diabetes, recent miscarriage and abnormalities in the uterus might trigger irregular periods for some. Drug use, poor nutrition, excessive caffeine and alcohol, smoking, increased stress and even over-exercise might lead to irregular periods too.

Treatments for irregular periods

Although irregular periods are more or less natural, if it gets out of hand or too bothersome that is about the time that you need to see a doctor. Some symptoms which signal when you need to consult your doctor are heavy and extended bleeding, accompanying stinking discharge, and unexplained weight, abdominal pain, spotting and bleeding after sex.

While it is entirely common, however inconvenient it might be, for most women to undergo these changes in their menstrual cycle, others might need some intervention to help them get through it. To relieve the symptoms of irregular periods, one thing a woman needs to change is her lifestyle. Consume more fruits and vegetables and decrease your intake of cholesterol, caffeine and alcohol. Go out and exercise. Drink lots of water or substitute it with tea. Take in some multivitamins, calcium and other supplements. These might not totally help you escape the agony and uncomfortable symptoms of irregular periods, but it’s a good start for a healthier and stress-free you.

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