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Make That Feminine Odor Go Away For Good!

feminine odorWhile it is true that a proper hygiene and healthy diet is essential to curing feminine odor, there are still other ways for you to overcome this. As a woman, feminine odor is not only demeaning experience, it is also frustrating for both you and your partner. Even if you spend a lot of money on skin care products to look great, it doesn’t hide the fact that you have a stinky situation down there.

Why do I have a bad feminine odor?

Although feminine odor might be caused by something as simple as the growth of bad bacteria due to poor personal hygiene, it could be traced to something as serious as STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), Gonorrhea, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or Yeast Infection. Vaginal discharge is usual for women but it is not supposed to have a pungent stench. Vaginitis, which is associated with vaginal odor, happens when an infection causes inflammation in the vagina. You might suffer from itching, burning and irritation in the vaginal area. It will also cause minor discomfort whenever you urinate. Sexual intercourse might be agonizing and irritating as well.

Anyone can get female odor regardless of their age, socio-economic background or lifestyle. However, the main cause of this embarrassing stink is different for everyone. For instance, it may depend on your age. The cause for youngsters and adolescent women varies. While the bacteria Gardnerella are the main cause for most adolescent women, young girls who are still not in the puberty age acquire it from the bacteria called streptococcus spp. For women who are sexually active, an allergic reaction might develop from condoms, lubricants or even semen. This reaction triggers vaginitis and female odor too.

What can I do to make my feminine odor go away?

Having a smelly vagina is definitely something you don’t want to live with for the rest of your life. It not only humiliates you, it prevents you from doing certain activities as well. Do not fret though. There are lots of solutions out there for you. But first you need to consult a doctor about this. The chances of curing your female odor dilemma are greater once it is clinically determined correctly. Your doctor can prescribe some medicine to prevent the inflammation and cure the foul female odor.

Medication can be bought with or without a prescription but you have to make sure that you know what you are buying. Try to do some extensive research about these medications first. There are some medications like antibiotics which can be taken orally to kill the bad bacteria. Vaginal creams are also effective to soothe vaginitis and eliminate the foul female odor. Antifungal cream, antihistamine for allergic reaction, and estrogen cream are good medications to cure this too.

Too much washing or douching your vagina will not make the bad smell go away. It will just worsen the situation. You need to remember that most soaps and feminine wash contain agents that might irritate your vagina and induce vaginitis. Be careful in choosing feminine products and make sure you do not overuse them.

A healthy mind and a healthy body can create an outstanding lifestyle not just for you, but for everyone around you as well. It is essential to take care not only of your outer appearance. Keeping the hidden parts clean and fresh is a must if you want to stay odorless for the rest of your life. A product that might help you with feminine odor is Secret Ceres,

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