Natural Body Oils helps nourish whole body
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Natural Body Oil Ingredients

For century’s people have used natural body oils and fats for their skin and these are far more superior and beneficial for the body then many of the commercially made synthetic oils that line the supermarket shelf’s today. The skin is the largest organ on the body and anything that is applied to the skin gets absorbed directly into the blood stream, so its important to choose  oils that are not only good for your skin, but also for your health.

Plant, nut and seed oils:
These oils are natural treatments for the body they are very nourishing; they supply energy to the skin, which is required in order to facilitate cellular turnover and other important processes.  They also provide natural vitamins, such as pro vitamins A, D and E that feed the skin; they are moisturizing and help the skin to retain its own natural moisture.  Often they can be useful in the relief of skin conditions, especially when combined with herbal formulas and essential oils, these oils include:

Almond: A slightly aromatic oil, that is rich in proteins and vitamins, it is nourishing light and softening and ideal oil for dry and irritated skin conditions.
Avocado: A rich heavy oil, with high vitamin content that is often blended for its velvet like consistency, which makes it excellent for mature skin types
Apricot Kernel: Rich in vitamin C and Hazelnut, it is mildly astringent and has excellent anti bacterial and inflammatory agents.
Jojoba: This oil closely resembles human skin, it has high absorbency and is excellent for all skin types, especially oily skin and acne related problems, jojoba makes a very nourishing hot oil treatment for dry hair.
Rose hip seed oil: Wonderfully healing, with lots of skin regenerating properties, rosehip oil has excellent results when treating burns, scars and stretch marks.

The following oils also make good body oils and are often used in body butter formulations as they give a rich buttery consistency, due to the fact that they remain solid at room temperature.
Coconut Oil Very moisturizing, a semi solid oil that melts when it comes into contact with the skin, often found in soaps and shampoos due to its ability to create a good lather.
Shea butter, Classed as a wonder oil in Africa, for its skin healing properties and natural SPF protection.
Cocoa butters A moisturising fatty acid that tends to be absorbed slowly by the skin, very nourishing oil and moisturizing.

Mineral oils: Often added as bulking oils due to their cheapness, these oils create a thin film on the surface of the skin, blocking pores and preventing the skin from functioning normally. They have no use, other than the fact that they create slippage.  They contain no life giving vitamins and can be detrimental to the health of the skin, prolonged use of mineral oil, affects the epidermis and can dry it out, these oils should be avoided where possible.

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