Prevent vaginal odor before it gets serious
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Prevent Vaginal Odor Easily

Something smells fishy… and it’s coming from you, if this shounds familiar read on to find out how to prevent vaginal odor! Tired of being the center of mockery among your group of friends? Is vaginal odor stopping you from getting more intimate with your partner? So you have tried practically everything but that nasty smell from down under cannot seem to depart from you. As cliche-ish as this may sound, there is only one advice for your dilemma – prevention is better than cure. If you cannot seem to find the right medication and remedy for your smelly vagina, then it is time that you prevent it first.

Vaginal odor has different symptoms and underlying causes – it depends for every woman. What works well for someone else might not work for you and vice versa. Do not kill yourself over this predicament though. You can still save face by making sure that the smell stays under control and do not get any stinkier than it already is.

How to detect bad vaginal odor

Vaginal odor is normal. However if it starts smelling like fish or something more repulsively pungent then that’s when you need to start worrying. The only way to prevent bad vaginal odor before it gets even more serious is to identify the root cause and deal with it. Recognize the symptoms and tackle them one by one. This will avoid any more complications and infections in the future. There are various ways to prevent vaginal odor depending on the cause. For instance, a growth of bad bacteria in your vagina can be cured by taking in antibiotics. If it is caused by an imbalance in your vagina’s pH then it is best to eat yogurt or apply it directly to your vagina. Each treatment is unique and is more effective if administered properly.

Simple and easy solutions to prevent vaginal odor:

Wash your vagina everyday

It is no secret that to prevent vaginal odor, you need to keep that area clean and fresh all the time. It would not do well to rely on medications and creams to solve the problem for you. You have to make sure first that you are actually doing something to prevent this. A wide variety of feminine wash and other cleaning products are readily available for you. You just need to find something that is gentle and will keep your private parts fresh all day. Clean your vagina gently and do not overdo it. Douching can actually worsen the situation. Remember to wipe your vagina clean from front to back not the other way around.

Your panty matters

Would you believe that the type of panties you wear can be attributed to vaginal odor? Your vagina tends to sweat if you wear tight and non-cotton underwear. This perspiration is trapped down there and your vagina won’t be able to breathe. It is the same thing that happens to your armpits once the perspiration gets trapped in that area – it smells. Make it a point to wear cotton panties since this type of material lets your vagina breathe.

Wearing panty liners can help prevent vaginal odor

Panty liners can also useful in preventing vaginal odor. These wonderful, small pads are essential for every woman’s day-to-day activity. It comes in various scents which can help you cover up that embarrassingly fishy smell down there. Not only does it prevent vaginal odor from wafting out, it also lets your vagina breathe and take extra moisture. It is worn in case of excessive vaginal discharge too.

No matter what they say it is still vital that you prevent vaginal odor from getting any worse. Just practice any of the given solutions above and you are well on your way to a fresh, clean and odorless vagina.

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