Treatment and Prevention of a Sore Vagina
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Problems with a Sore Vagina

A sore vagina isn’t as common as an itching or burning vagina, but it’s a similar problem.  Any health issue that affects the vagina can be disruptive to your life.  Soreness is no exception.  When your vagina is sore, sexual activity can be difficult or impossible.  Inserting tampons or washing the area may also be unpleasant when you’re suffering from a sore vagina.  The best way to avoid soreness of the vagina is to prevent it before it becomes a problem, and luckily there are a few different ways to do that.

Why does a vagina become sore?
The most familiar reason for a sore vagina is sex.  If you engage in sex when your vagina isn’t properly lubricated, the resulting friction can irritate the sensitive cells.  The first symptom of this irritation is burning around the vagina, which later evolves into a constant soreness.  In some cases, the soreness can be so bad that even a light brush of underwear or toilet paper against the area can be painful.  Another possible explanation behind a sore vagina is infection.  Most infections only cause mild itching and burning, but severe cases (or just normal infections in a particularly sensitive vagina) can cause pain around the vaginal opening as well.

Treating soreness in the vagina
What do you do when it’s already too late to prevent vagina soreness?  If you know the cause of the problem, treatment is easy, although it might take a few days for your vagina to completely recover.  To treat a soreness that’s the result of an infection, simply treat the infection itself.  There are both over-the-counter and prescription products that can treat a range of vaginal infections. There are few organic products on the market.  They often use a combination of natural ingredients like pomegranate, kaolin, and dripstones to neutralize infection-causing bacteria.  If you’re suffering from a sore vagina it might be uncomfortable to insert the product at first, but soon the soothing active ingredients will make up for it and you’ll be glad you tried it.

If your sore vagina is caused by sexual activity, the only thing you can do is wait it out.  Abstain from sex for a few days to give your vagina time to recover.  Until you heal on your own, you can apply a gentle aloe vera gel to soothe the area.  Wear loose underwear so your vagina can breathe and avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on it, and you’ll be back to new in no time.

Preventing soreness
The best way to prevent a sore vagina is to take precautions before sex.  Never have sex if your vagina is too dry for your partner to enter you easily.  Secret Ceres is a multi-purpose product, and regular use will improve the consistency of your vagina’s natural lubrication.  If you still need a little help, many stores sell lubrication made for sex, either in a bottle or already coated on a condom.  Combine these two methods and a sore vagina shouldn’t be a problem for you again.

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