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smelly vagina“I started using Secret Ceres when I was pregnant, because I was repeatedly suffering from infections and excessive discharge during my pregnancy. Fortunately my girlfriend told me about this natural alternative to successfully counteract and cure thrush. So there was no need to use the chemical based medicine I had been prescribed by my doctor.” Stephanie, 26, N.Y.

smelly vagina“Since the first application of Secret Ceres I am impressed without a doubt. I feel so clean; furthermore I became so much more confident when having sex. Everything is so sensitive, the sensation is amazing.” Karen, 19, Paris

smelly vagina“I have been suffering from a chronically vaginal infection since a very long time. Common medicine lost heir effect on me due to the repeated use over such a long period. I was constantly suffering from an itchy and burning feeling as well as unpleasant discharge. As a consequence I was also unable to have a normal sex life. Since I found out about Secret Ceres, it has changed my life and has since become an essential part of my hygienic routine. Thank you very much!” Lisa, 27, L.A.- California

smelly vagina“My vagina has always been very dry and my skin would break when having Sex. Most of the times I would start bleeding and it was generally uncomfortable for me. Since I tried Secret Ceres I am completely overwhelmed. Immediately after the use I was surprised because I became so tight that it scared me at first. I thought I had worsened my original problem, since my vagina felt dry on top of it. But within 1 day the entire skin inside of my vagina shed off and regenerated and renewed itself and became supple and soft. During intercourse I now become nice and wet, so my skin won’t break anymore. You don’t imagine what it means to me. To my boyfriend Secret Ceres is the 8th world wonder, since our sex had always been anything but relaxed so far. Incredible!” Johanna, 21, Stuttgart

smelly vagina“I got the magic stick….I immediately told all my girlfriends about it, now me and my girls are tight. The stick is the Shit!! Our men are going crazy …virgin pleasure & Punica Oasis. I would have never thought that men could be so untiringly. We love it.” Camilla, Jo and Ashley, 24, London

smelly vagina“After the birth of my son my vagina had become so loose that even the largest tampon size would not fit me anymore. Thus, one of my girlfriends gave me the magic stick. What a relief…the stick has been my rescue! I am indefinitely indebted to you!” Celia, 34, Amsterdam

smelly vagina“My best friend kept telling me about the Secret Ceres stick and how tight his girlfriend became after using it. He literally said: ‘Man, the stick is the Shit!’ Thus I got one and gave it to my wife. The experience is unbelievable. Even my first girlfriend during teenage time was not that tight! It only scares me occasionally when she uses Secret Ceres as a facemask and runs around the flat with a chalk white face.” Florian, 38, Munich

smelly vagina“I used Secret Ceres on eczema on my back, which I have had for quite some time. The effect was brilliant. Now it has completely disappeared, and my skin is completely smooth and normal.” Phillip, 19, London

smelly vagina“After giving birth to my second child, a bouncing baby boy of 4kg, I was just not able to enjoy sex the way I used to.
I felt uncomfortable being penetrated by my husband. My vagina didn’t feel firm any longer and I felt intimidated being touched. By using Secret Ceres my vagina regained its initial suppleness and firmness and I regained my confidence back and now have a pleasant sex life again.”
Louisa, 39, Trier

smelly vagina“My vagina was so tight immediately after I used your product. AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! To have sex afterwards was amazing, it felt like being virginated!!! It feels just so much more intense and sensitized for both of us. Now I’ve been using it for about three month and lately I also started to feel more horny than usually. My boyfriend and me love your product. It’s just so great.” Yasmin, 35, L.A.

smelly vagina“When I initially used Secret Ceres I felt an uncomfortable burning sensation in my vagina and was a little bit concerned at first. My friend told me that my flora might be imbalanced and the reaction indicates that the product is working on me and my vagina is regenerating itself. The next day the burning disappeared and my vagina felt like ‘reborn’. One week later I went to my Gynaecologist just to crosscheck and he confirmed that my flora was remarkably intact. I am delighted.” Sam, 29, Paris

smelly vagina“Since I started using Secret Ceres the effect I have on men is incredible, sometimes I can’t believe it myself! They chat me up in the supermarket, on the street and not to mention when I go out! Secret Ceres definitely has a strong effect on my erotic appearance and hormone production. When my girlfriend told me about the product or respectively a certain incident she had after using it, I thought she’s exaggerating. Until I witnessed one incident myself and started to consider that it might really have something to do with the stick. Thus, I got one for myself and must say I am truly amazed. I started to believe in miracles again! Nature is amazing! Since I realized this I perceive myself in a completely different way. I feel and appear more feminine, more sensual and erotic……guys are on my case like crazy and complicated things suddenly appear so simple!!! Wow! Every woman should experience this feeling!” A.M. 40, Berlin

smelly vagina“Being circumcised meant that my vagina had always been an issue for me from an early age, which required special care. I personally love your product for its hygienic action, but introduced it to many women from my culture because of its tightening effect. For many of them a tight vagina is the ultimate beauty symbol, that makes a lot of women go to the extend of having their vaginas stitched up again after they loose their virginity or give birth. Similar to big breasts for western women and the suffering they undergo to get silicon implants, mainly just to please the man, despite the health risks involved. It is beautiful to discover a natural product that is beneficial to women in so many different ways. Thank you!” Gemila, 28, Stockholm

smelly vagina“My boyfriend is totally crazy about me, especially my pussy…he can’t get enough of me, and my taste just drives him insane. But of course my magic stick remains my little secret.” D.C. 32, Hamburg

smelly vagina“Since I started using SC I am so impressed about the stunning sensation of purity and cleanliness. I can’t imagine a life without it anymore. It is now an essential part of my personal hygiene just as my toothbrush and deodorant. I use it regularly and never travel without. I am convinced that girls/women growing up with such a hygienic product develop a much more confident and conscious approach to their sexuality. I use it everywhere: inside, outside, top to toe. I use it as a deodorant, on scars, wounds, pimples and I even cured the dermatitis I suffered from under my feet and on my hands with it. Before I always had to use cortisone, but it never really had a lasting effect.
The stick is a magic wand. I travel a lot and have a stressful lifestyle, but I never leave home without my stick. Superb!”
C.B., 31, Cologne

smelly vagina“I started using Secret Ceres over a year now and use it more and more regular. I have not been getting any vaginal infections for at least a year. Before I used to be prone to yeast infections, caused by different circumstances. Even though I still maintain the same lifestyle I have not had any infection since over one year. I feel that Secret Ceres gives no chance to this type of bacteria. I also use Secret Ceres on my pimples and I am like wisely amazed by its purifying and healing action. Thank you!” F.G., 32, Barcelona

smelly vagina“I always felt uncomfortable when my boyfriend went down on me; however since I use Secret Ceres it gave me an overall confidence. I am totally relaxed about oral sex now and am able to fully enjoy it.” T.G., 29, Munich

smelly vagina“My daughter gave me a stick for my 53rd birthday and it helped me to ease my menopausal syndromes. I was also suffering from a herpes zoster on my stomach, which I successfully combat by applying Secret Ceres on it. I am sincerely grateful to you for introducing this Asian traditional medicine to western womanhood. I wish you lots of success!” S.G., 56, Hamburg

smelly vagina“I caught an infection on the women’s toilet at work. Beside myself three other colleagues also got it. As soon as she heard the news, the only employee that didn’t get anything told us about her magic stick, that apparently stabilised her flora to the extend that she claims to be immune to all sorts of infections. The next day she brought her stick to work to show us. I had imagined something entirely different from what it looked like (beautiful packaging!) and immediately wanted to try it myself; since my colleague assured me it could not only prevent but also cure infections. She ended up getting a stick for all of us. I immediately used it and I it burned like hell…I thought my pussy went off in flames!!! In the evening I used it again and the burning feeling was more bearable. The infection indeed improved day by day and after about 5 days it had disappeared completely. I must say the method was not exactly comfortable but nevertheless effective. One week later I went to my gynaecologist and she confirmed that everything was ok. Since then I use the stick once a week and didn’t have any problems since then. I am now convinced about the effect of natural medicine and healing methods!” Karen, 23, Glasgow

smelly vagina“I have been using the stick internally and externally since 5 years. It works real wonders within the centre of my body…its energies make me blossom from within and reveal my inner beauty. Two years ago I had a very bad nail bed infection on my on my finger and after an unsuccessful 2 week medical treatment that my doctor had prescribed me I tried the out of total despair. I could immediately see an improvement. After 5 days the inflammation had healed. The stick is true a magic wand!” M.J. 27, Berlin

smelly vagina“I am so tight; my man loves to open me every time. Sometimes it makes him come too fast because he is too crazy about me, but he can do it again and sometimes again. Your product is very sexy. When I use it my man can smell it and wants to have sex with me immediately. When I use it sometimes I call him when he is in his company and he leaves all his work to come to me. Very nice.” Masha, 32, Moscow

smelly vagina“I use Secret Ceres for sexual Tantra therapy with women and the results are amazing. If you want to renew yourself start at the centre – start from within, that’s when you will start to blossom. Too many women are too detached from their vagina, they distribute it all over the place…only the price varies!..for free…. for sale….or without any reason at all, but hardly for love….only a few come to the conclusion that it’s priceless!!! It’s the most precious gift God gave us – it’s what makes us different: a woman. It gives access to the divine place of creation, which controls the cycles just as the universe, controls our hormones that influence our mood. Be conscious and protective of your divine garden of creation. Keep it pure and fertile, for you to blossom from within-it’s a mystery and a miracle. Let your energies rise from deep within!! May Secret-Ceres give many women access to their inner garden!!” Sinaiya, 39, Canberra, Australia

smelly vagina“I had a ‘1 night stand’ with ma ex-boyfriend, who just got into a new relationship at that time. Shortly after the incident he called me hysterically and insisted that I gave him Chlamydyae. Both him and his girlfriend had the infection. Even though I don’t know who brought the infection got into their relationship, I know it wasn’t me!! I went for a check-up and everything was fine. I believe that the stick (I am using it almost since 5 years) stabilised my vaginal flora to the extent that I am immune to infections or bacteria of such kind. However, lesson learned: Stay off your ex!!” C. P. 28, Geneva

smelly vagina“By now I could write a book about the ‘stick’!! I started using it sporadically approximately 6 years ago and since 2-3 years I use it very regularly for my vagina, on pimples and scars (very effective!) and since half a year as a deodorant (must try!!) The stick has helped me in so many different situations and always surprises me anew. I even used the stick when I suffered from malaria, I dissolved some of it in water and am convinced that it eliminated the virus from system, since I did not get any malaria attacks since then and before I have been suffering from it on a regular basis. When I went to the gynaecologist she told me that she rarely saw such a perfect vaginal flora. Since I discovered the stick as deodorant I have not been using any soap at all and feel cleaner than ever!!! I am totally convinced and amazed about its deeply purifying, rejuvenating and eternal effect. Every cell inside my body regenerates and purifies itself from within. It feels so fresh and so purified and actually threw all the chemical products I owned in the trash! By now I look 7 years younger!!! Youthful beauty and purity go hand in hand and definitely both rise from within. A must for every woman!” M.C., 31, Berlin

smelly vagina“Oh my God, I love it, the sex is amazing, and my boyfriend can’t stop eating me, drinking me, swallowing me. Whatever is inside is an extremely powerful aphrodisiac. The attraction I radiate is so strong after every usage- it’s unbelievable. I’m sure you spark up the life of many women with your product. Mine is definitely on fire!” Alana, 29, Santo Domingo, D.R.

smelly vagina“Being a hygiene freak, Secret Ceres is the perfect product for me….. I believe it is so important not only to clean and maintain yourself externally but also internally. It always pissed me off, that due to insufficient or respectively inappropriate intimate care of some women many men are completely turned off and even traumatised, especially about oral sex. Only proper care results in proper hygiene. SC is definitely a brilliant hygienic product, completely natural, so quick and easy to use with an amazing and lasting effect. It’s perfect for body parts such as mouth, armpits or vagina where excessive moisture is produced that gives raise to bacteria. To use it once a week in my vagina is absolutely sufficient but I use it daily as a deodorant under my armpits and gurgle with the solution before I go to bed. Apart from Secret Ceres I only use water and pure essential oils for my skin.” 38, B.B., Miami

smelly vagina“I discovered Secret Ceres while modelling in Paris; some other models were mainly using it on their stretch marks. The results were amazing, so I also got one. Since 2 years I partly live in the Caribbean and got so in touch with nature, that I changed my entire diet to organic products and make sure all my beauty and hygiene products are 100% natural. I feel and look more beautiful than ever. Nature created us, thus nature should nurture us!” Y.S. 27, Antigua

smelly vagina“The product worked wonders for my stomach. I have 2 children and the skin had been extremely stretched during the pregnancies, I did not only have stretch marks, but the skin was literally hanging loose from my tummy. It was terrible, I tried every product on the planet, however without considerable success. Apart from my stomach I looked very good (still do!), and was still modelling back then. However I would not wear bikinis and even felt uncomfortable to undress in front of my partner. For 2 years I treated my stomach with Secret Ceres. 1-2 times a day I covered my whole stomach with the product and it worked miracles. Now my stomach is so firm and beautiful. I am confident to show it again. I wear bikinis and am proud to show it! Apart from that I look younger than ever (I also use it regularly in my vagina). The rejuvenating and regenerating effect is indeed a true miracle. The 8th world wonder has been born!!” Stella, 27, Milan

smelly vagina“I always used to see this girl at Lumley Beach, and all the guys were after her. I am very pretty and even won several beauty contests but never got the same attention as her. Even my boyfriends always try to talk to her. Then a friend of mine who runs a gym at the beach, told me about her secret. I used it and the effect is very good. I can have any man I want now! But I will not tell my friends about it. I will keep it a secret!” Hawa, 25, Freetown

smelly vagina“I love the feeling of purity that Secret Ceres gives me. I very much believe in its healing powers. The sick greatly helped to improve my skin. I dissolve the stick in water for a minute and drink the solution to detoxify and cleanse my system. What a blessing! I can truly recommend it to every woman- a complement on the path to one’s inner self! Thank you Mallence Bart-Williams!!!!!!!!!” Yvonne Njiké, 38, Berlin

smelly vagina“Growing up as a Muslim our upbringing focuses strongly on cleanliness and hygiene. According to the holy Qu’ran we ought to clean the 7 holes of our bodies with special care. We always use water whenever we use the toilet to clean ourselves, which is generally uncommon in the Germany, UK and other parts of Europe. I believe proper hygiene is not an essential part of society in this part of the world and it is difficult to find good products in the shops. I was very surprised to receive such a product from one of my German friends for my birthday, since I had never heard of it. Secret Ceres immediately found a huge fellowship among my Muslim girlfriends. Some even used it on their wedding night…with Secret Ceres every woman becomes a virgin! ! ! !” F.K., 28, London

smelly vagina“After every application my pussy is like a soft peeled peach!! YUMMY.!!.. I wish I could go down on myself!!” Aurelie, 29, Nice

smelly vagina“I found out about SC through my personal trainer at the gym. He gave it to me to drink I. o. to detoxify my body and at the same time loose weight. Only by coincidence I found out about its other benefits, so I used it both ways. It literally saved my marriage. I started to go to the gym, because my husband thought I was too fat. When my girlfriends (they’re even bigger than me) came to visit me at home he would leave the house. Sometimes he wouldn’t come home for days, finding pleasure outside. So I knew I had to take action. I had started to go to the gym for about a week when my trainer introduced SC to me. The day I used it in my vagina my husband made love to me at night and went down on me for hours…he loved it. I was amazed. All my girlfriends wanted it of course, but it is difficult for us here to get it, we only get supply if somebody travels overseas and brings it. But your product is truly amazing!!” Shania, 36, Freetown

smelly vagina“When I first got Secret-Ceres as a birthday gift from my best friend, I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. After my first time using it I was turned into a vivid member in the club of the daughters of Saturn. This magic stick unites hygienic, bio energetic and erotic needs in a wonderful way and serves almost as a secret alliance between the women that use it. Secret Ceres is wrapped in a beautiful silk case, the stick itself has an elegant shape and its effect is potent and lasting. I use it once a week; it travels with me on all personal and business trips and supports me in developing my full female powers with its high level of purely plant-derived estrogens. I whole-heartedly recommend its usage to all women.” Sophie, 42, Munich

smelly vagina“When I lived in Italy I dated a basketball player for about a year. Little did I know that he had a wife and kids in the States as well as a couple of other girlfriends. After our relationship was over his wife contacted me from the States to tell me that he infected her as well as another woman with an STD and that I should go for a check-up. Even though we didn’t use protection when having sex, I did not catch the STD from him, thank God! I have been using the stick for about 6 years now on a regular basis and I am convinced that it eliminates any kind of harmful bacteria or virus. I recommended the product to a lot of friends and family members!” Sanna, 26, Capetown

smelly vagina“A mutual friend gave Secret Ceres to my friend as a drink when he had typhor fever. The product is very powerful. It works much better than any other medicine
The next day he was a lot better. I took one bottle from him because I suffered from an itching pain in my heart for many years. I tried all kind of expensive medicine and treatments, but nothing worked. When I drank the SC the itching in my heart stopped, I got more of it and drank it regularly for a few weeks. My heart pain has completely disappeared.”
Sesai Bangura, 36, Kono, Sierra Leone

smelly vagina“I had herpes on my lips and my girlfriend applied the stick on it. It took only a few days till the infection had gone. Wow! I didn’t know that such an all-round miracle stick existed…little did I know what she usually used it for.” Chris, 37, Chicago

smelly vagina“I am a 28-year-old Muslim and still a virgin and therefore initially very frightened to use your product in my vagina. I started drinking the solution of stick in order to cleanse my body and loose weight and finally found the courage to insert it. I have been allergic to a variety of toilet papers and as a result been suffering from rashes. I then used the stick 3 times a week for about 2-3 weeks and thereafter tried a specific brand I used to be allergic to, without causing any allergic reaction. The allergy has completely disappeared; the product had a great effect on my vagina and its flora. I am always very careful when I use it and only insert the stick as much as I can without resistance, but can truly say it is safe to use for virgins. After I started drinking it I have been loosing a few pounds and could feel the cleansing effect on my digestive system. It also has an amazing effect on my facial skin. The skin problems around my chin have disappeared; either due to the cleansing effect or the phytoestrogens or maybe a combination of both. I especially recommend the stick to Muslim women, since it is a great way of keeping yourself clean.” F.C., 28, Duisburg

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