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The Art of Being Feminine

Being feminine doesn’t have to mean wearing frilly dresses or high heels every day.  There are ways to be more feminine by make a few simple lifestyle changes.

Experiment with makeup
Part of the fun of being feminine means getting to wear makeup.  To be truly feminine however, you should keep it subtle.  Dramatic eyeliner and bright red lipstick is nice for special occasions, but not for everyday femininity.  Everyday makeup should look natural.  If you already wear makeup, you can simply add a pink or peach blush and some lip gloss for a more feminine look.

Stay groomed
Good hygiene is essential to the art of being feminine.  Keep hair neatly trimmed and out of your face.  You don’t need to wash your hair every day because this can actually make it get oilier faster, but you should wash it as regularly as is necessary.  Your eyebrows should be groomed and any stray facial hair should be plucked or waxed away.  The idea is to get a clean, natural look that doesn’t look like you put a huge amount of work into it.  Femininity should seem effortless.

Add femininity to your wardrobe
It’s easy to make your wardrobe more feminine even if you aren’t comfortable in dresses and skirts.  Of course, these are a nice touch, but they aren’t necessary.  Replace baggy clothing with items that are more form-fitting, but not tight.  Lighten up your clothing selections with pastels or bright colors, instead of wearing only harsh colors like black and gray.  If you only ever wear sneakers, try wearing ballet flats instead, they’re just as comfy and look a little more girly.

Accessories are a huge part of every outfit, but they’re often overlooked.  Something as simple as one bracelet and a necklace can revitalize a bland outfit.  Try out different styles of earrings, rings, and other accessories.  Accessorizing your outfits is a fun and cheap way to be more feminine.

Smell nice
is another big part of being feminine that many women don’t think about.  Your scent can even make you more attractive to men, so always make an effort to smell nice.  Wear deodorant and perfume daily, but don’t choose a scent that’s too overpowering.  What you’re trying to do is have a faint scent that will make you memorable without it being so strong that people all the way across the room can smell it.

Little things like this go a big way when it comes to femininity.  Combine these ideas with good posture, a smile, and a confident attitude, and you can truly say that you understand the art of being feminine.

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