There are tips to achieve Female Orgasm
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The Female Orgasm: Myths, Tips, and Facts

The female orgasm is a widely misunderstood phenomenon.  It’s often thought to be either much rarer or much more common than it really is.  The list of myths about the female orgasm is long.  This, along with some useful facts and tips, should give you a wealth of knowledge about the female orgasm.

Myths and Facts
You may think that all orgasms are intensely pleasurable, ground-breaking experiences, but this isn’t always the case.  Sometimes there are no physical sensations at all, just a feeling of calm and relaxation after intercourse.

Another myth, one of the most popular, is that all women experience orgasm through intercourse.  This isn’t even close to be true: there are five different kinds of orgasms that women can have.  Orgasm through intercourse alone is actually one of the less common kinds.  Clitoral orgasms are much more common, and some women have a hard time having an orgasm at all without some kind of clitoral stimulation during sex.

Some believe that inability to reach orgasm means there’s something wrong with a woman or her relationship.  However, the inability to orgasm is rarely the woman’s fault.  She may be on a medication or suffer from a medical problem that prevents her from reaching the peak.  Another possibility is that she hasn’t learned what type of stimulation she needs to orgasm.

This particular myth is something a lot of men believe.  They may worry that if their female partner doesn’t orgasm, then they aren’t a skillful lover.  Sometimes all the skill in the world can’t bring a woman to the point of orgasm.  She has to take care of a few things herself as well.

The final myth is that a woman must have an orgasm to enjoy sex.  I know from personal experience that this isn’t true.  Sex is enjoyable simply as an intimate, bonding experience, and a fun activity to do as a couple.  An orgasm isn’t necessary for sex to be pleasurable or fulfilling for a woman.

Tips to achieve orgasm
Foreplay is the preparation for great, orgasm-causing sex.  An important fact for men to keep in mind is that women take longer to become aroused than them.  This means foreplay might need to take a little longer than in the past.  Kissing, cuddling, and massaging each other are great ways to get in the mood.

Communication is also extremely important before sex even begins.  Open communication between partners means both the man and the woman have a chance to discuss their needs and what they want out of sex.  They can also let each other know what they do and don’t like.

During sex, relaxation is key.  If a woman is stressed and takes her worries into the bedroom with her, it can be incredibly hard to reach orgasm.  Massaging each other, while a type of foreplay, is also great for relaxation before sex.

Finally, have fun!  If you make sex all about the orgasm, you’ll likely feel too pressured about experience an orgasm to actually have one.  Just appreciate the experience as a way to get closer to your partner, and an orgasm will come in its own time.

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