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Treating Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal thrush goes by many names: vaginal candidiasis, monilia, or yeast infection.  Around 75% of women suffer this type of infection at least once in their life.  As common as it is, some women still don’t fully understand the causes or treatment.  Educating yourself about vaginal thrush will prepare you if you ever have to deal with this issue.

Cause of thrush in the vagina

Thrush can also occur in the mouth and throat, but in the vagina, it’s the result of an overgrowth of the fungus Candida.  Healthy bacteria would normally prevent the fungus from growing so much.  However, infections happen when the bacterial balance in the vagina is upset and good bacteria can no longer control the bad.  The acidity in the vagina, which is normally at a high enough level that yeast doesn’t grow, lowers.  This lets the yeast grow and results in vaginal thrush.  Menstruation, antibiotics, and birth control pills can all upset the balance of the vagina.

Vaginal thrush symptoms to look for

The symptoms of thrush in the vagina are uncomfortable but not dangerous.  The skin surrounding the vagina often experiences itching and burning sensations, especially when urinating or after sex.  It may also have a bad vaginal odor.  The most noticeable symptom of vaginal thrush is the discharge it produces.  Discharge is normally clear or a milky color, and is neither too thick nor too thin.  When you’re affected by thrush, your vagina produces a thick, white discharge that looks like cottage cheese.  This is what doctors often look for to determine whether you’re suffering vaginal thrush or something else.

Methods of treatment

There are many options for treatment when it comes to this type of infection.  Medicine comes in both cream and pill form.  The cream is more common, and can be especially helpful because it relieves symptoms as soon as it’s applied.  The pill is harder to get; you need a prescription.  However, it’s less messy than creams.  An alternative to both of these are natural product and methods.  These often use natural botanicals and minerals to restore balance to the vagina.  This can help with vaginal thrush because it revives the healthy bacteria that will fight off infection.

Preventing vaginal thrush from returning

To keep thrush of the vagina from recurring, the most important thing to do is avoid irritants that could unbalance your vaginal bacteria.  Douches, feminine hygiene sprays, tampons and pads with deodorant, and colored toilet paper can all irritate the vagina.  Replace these with more neutral products and you shouldn’t have a problem. Secret Ceres cleans as well as a douche without unbalancing conditions in the vagina, and improves the odor of secretions.  In addition, keep the vaginal area dry and clean, so vaginal thrush doesn’t have the ideal conditions to form.

If you suspect you have thrush of the vagina, see a doctor who can confirm or deny your suspicious.  Under the doctor’s supervision, a treatment plan will easily eliminate the infection.

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