bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections are common vaginal infections
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Vaginal Itchiness: How to Calm the Irritation

Vaginal itchiness can be distracting and uncomfortable.  You may not feel like sex when suffering from vaginal itching, and sometimes it can burn to urinate.  Clearly, this isn’t a problem you want to have to deal with long-term.  Vaginal itchiness can be cured through a few different approaches.

Treat any preexisting infections

Vaginitis is a blanket term for all vaginal irritation symptoms like burning, swelling, soreness, and most importantly, itching.  Many vaginal infections cause vaginitis, which won’t subside until the infection is treated.  The two most common vaginal infections are bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.  These can be easily recognized by BV’s fishy odor and the thick, white, cottage cheese textured discharge of a yeast infection.  STIs, or sexually-transmitted infections, can also cause itching.  Once the infection is treated, itching should disappear.

Stop douching

If you douche on a relatively frequent basis, you could be harming your vagina more than you are helping it.  Douching removes healthy bacteria from the vagina, leaving you more susceptible to irritation and infection.  The vagina cleans itself with its discharge, so there’s really no need for you to use outside products.  The area around the vagina, the labia in particular, do benefit from some additional cleansing.  Simply wash the area daily while in the shower with at least warm water, and a gentle soap if you desire.

Eliminate irritants

Vaginal itchiness is often a result of irritants in the environment.  Most of these irritants come in the form of everyday hygiene products.  The dyes, fragrances, and other synthetic additives are what cause irritation.  Some common culprits of this are feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, cleansing wipes, bubble bath, strong soaps, and heavily concentrated laundry detergent.  Condoms and lubrication can also affect some vaginas negatively.  When eliminating irritants from your routine, you can replace them with gentler, more organic versions.  Plain white pads and all-natural soap, for instance.

Aloe vera gel

This isn’t exactly a cure, but it can help ease the uncomfortable feeling of vaginal itchiness while a true cure does its job.  Make sure you choose a gentle, pure variety and apply it around the vagina, not in it.  Remember that aloe vera isn’t a long term solution, and you should take care of whatever issue is actually causing the itchiness instead of simply trying to mask the symptoms.  A doctor can help you figure out the cause of your itching if you need help.

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