Early signs of menopause can be felt during the perimenopause stage
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What are the earliest and most common signs of menopause?

All women go through the natural process of menopause but the signs of menopause vary for everyone. There are some common signs of menopause like hot flashes and mood swings, whereas others do not happen to everyone such as having itchy, crawly feelings and disturbing memory lapses. Menopause can be a real pain in the neck. If you want to find out how to deal with it you need to establish the signs of menopause first and work from there.

Early signs

Most of the early signs of menopause can be sensed during the perimenopause stage. This is the transition period towards the end of a woman’s reproductive cycle. The perimenopause period is when the progesterone and estrogen hormone levels of a woman experience a drastic change. The changes in these hormones are the reason why a woman undergoes these various signs of menopause. Typically, the earliest signs of menopause would be around late 40s and early 50s. For some women, it would last months and years before their last monthly period. For others though, the symptoms would last months and years after their last monthly period.

Some of the early signs of menopause are irregular monthly period, frequent headaches, irritability which could be attributed to mood swings, trouble sleeping, cramps, and hot flashes. These symptoms are not that hard to detect but do not get overexcited. If you do not get your monthly period for a few months or so, make sure you are not pregnant. It is wise to observe these signs of menopause first before you jump to any conclusions. Consulting your doctor would not hurt too.

Other signs to watch out for

Signs of menopause depend for every woman. Your friend might have experienced hot flashes and vaginal dryness whereas you did not. This goes to say that different menopause treatment and a woman’s diet could diversely affect these signs of menopause. For instance spicy food and caffeine can trigger hot flashes so steer away from them.

Women who are undergoing perimenopause might experience not-so-common signs of menopause such as crashing fatigue, feelings of something ‘crawling’ all over the body, incontinence especially during laughing and sneezing, depression and hair loss.

Signs of menopause might seem like haunting reminders that you are getting older but do not be upset. Look at it as a constant indication that you have reached another important milestone in your life. It might be the end of your menstrual cycle, but that does not mean it is the end of your social life and life in general too.

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