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What Causes A Loose Vagina? And What You Can Do About It!

In the next 2 minutes you will discover the two main causes for a loose vagina and what you can do about it.

And no worries, you are not alone.

Many women are afraid of not having a tight vagina. The humiliation of him finding out that you don’t have a tight vagina adds up to the lack of sexual gratification, would probably drive anyone crazy. Having a loose vagina would not only leave your partner dissatisfied, it would possibly lead to problems in the relationship. Most people, not just women, are uncomfortable with the idea of discussing the causes of a loose vagina. This should not be the case since it’s not an infection or disease.

Causes of a loose vagina

Basically if you insert three fingers in your vagina and there was no contraction or pressure as you do so, then you probably have a loose vagina. If it is difficult for you and your partner to get stimulation when you are having sex, it might be due to a loose vagina as well. To be able to treat this condition, you need to determine the root cause first.

Giving birth

It is still a topic of controversy whether or not natural childbirth can contribute to it. Apparently, those who already gave birth more than once are the ones who complain about having a loose vagina. This is true for some, while others seem to ignore this fact. Of course having a baby come out of your vagina will somehow alter it. What more if this happens twice or thrice?

When a baby gets stuck during birth, the process of episiotomy is done. This procedure is when they tear the walls of the vagina to help get the baby out. As complicated as it seems, this process could be the reason for a loose vagina.

Extreme sexual activity

Being sexually active is normal and will not cause a loose vagina. However, having extremely rough with bigger than normal sex toys could definitely contribute to it. A few women might enjoy this kind of sex but keep in mind that it’s not what your vagina has been designed for.

Having a loose vagina is not only embarrassing and uncomfortable; it might also frustrate you and your partner whenever you are having sex. Various muscle tightening techniques and exercises are available for you to be able to tighten your vagina walls and bring back some of those much needed stimulation and satisfaction in your relationship. If your looking for a solution that can tighten your vagina instantly check out Secret Ceres. Many women say is magic.

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