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What to Do About a Dry Itchy Vagina

The first step in eliminating a dry itchy vagina is to figure out the cause. Once you treat the cause, your symptoms should disappear and you can restore the natural moisture level of your vagina. We’re going to go over some of the most common causes of dry itchy vagina, and they ways you can treat them.

Low estrogen levels may cause a dry itchy vagina

Hormonal changes, especially menopause, have been known to cause drying of the vagina. And of course, a dry vagina leads to an itchy vagina. Women who are breastfeeding or have just been through childbirth also notice drying of the vagina on occasion, and this is also related to low estrogen levels. Usually, hormonal changes are just phases, and once the phase has passed vaginal humidity will return to normal levels. For women who have severe problems with low estrogen levels, hormone replacement therapy is available. This can help ease serious cases of vaginal dryness and itching.

Chronic infection

Women who suffer from recurring yeast or bacterial infections may notice that even when they aren’t infected, they experience a dry itchy vagina. Frequent infections are hard on the vagina. If your dryness is a result of chronic infection, you may want to explore different treatment options than what you’re using now. Many women find that prescription treatments, or even over-the-counter medications, heal the problem initially but allow it to recur a few weeks later. Alternative cures and home remedies are typically more effective at curing vaginal infections for good. One popular treatment for vaginal infections is to add a cup or two of apple cider vinegar to a warm bath and soak for twenty minutes. The natural antibacterial and antifungal properties of the vinegar will help clear up infection if used enough.


Sometimes the products in your own home can be causing your dry itchy vagina. Synthetic ingredients, harsh chemicals, dyes, and strong fragrances are all used in a variety of products that are made for close contact with the vagina. The truth is, these ingredients are all way too harsh to be used on such a sensitive area. Replace products using such irritants with gentler, additive-free kinds.


Frequent use of store-bought douches can lead to drying and irritation of the vagina. The vagina is a self-cleansing body part. The only help you need to give it is to gently clean the vulva and labia with a gentle soap and warm water. Douching repeatedly will remove the important and healthy substances from the vagina, leaving nothing to fight off infection and soothe irritation. Douche only when recommended by a doctor, or make homemade douches with gentle ingredients.

While you heal

Useful products to use while you recover from a dry vagina are Secret Ceres, lube and aloe vera gel. Lube, which can be purchased in most places that also sell condoms, will make sexual intercourse easier by imitating your body’s natural lubrication. The aloe vera gel will help soothe symptoms like itching and burning while you’re waiting for moisture to be restored to your vagina. Secret Ceres supports your bodies own rejuvenation capabilities. Using these products and avoiding things that could dry out your vagina should help you out immensely.

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