There are many reasons on why its a Painful Intercourse in a woman
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Painful Intercourse: What to Do about it?

Painful intercourse is never a good experience.  Intercourse is supposed to be one of the most pleasant feelings you can create with another person, so it can be confusing and stressful when sex hurts.  Luckily for women everywhere, it’s often easy to eliminate the cause of painful intercourse.

Are you using enough lubrication?
The vagina naturally produces lubrication when aroused, but this isn’t always enough.  With age or other hormonal changes, the vagina may not become as wet as it used to.  When the vagina is dry, the friction resulting from sex can irritate the vaginal opening.  This may be in the form of burning, itching, redness, or soreness.  Not having enough lubrication is one of, if not the biggest cause of painful intercourse.  It’s easy to fix: simply purchase a good lubricant to use during sex.  They’re available at most stores that also sell condoms.

Is your vagina irritated?

Preexisting irritation can cause intercourse to be painful.  Itching is a common symptom of irritation, so if you notice itching or burning before sex even begins, irritation is the likely cause.  Vaginal irritation can result from many things, the most common of which are the products right in your own home.  Even products meant to be used in the vaginal area, like toilet paper and feminine hygiene products, are often too harsh to be used safely and can be a factor in painful intercourse.  The reason for this is some of the dyes and fragrances they use.  Eliminate these products and replace them with plain white, unscented alternatives.  This will make your vagina feel a lot better.

Is your vagina especially tight?
Tight vaginas usually make sex better, but when the vagina is too tight, painful intercourse can result.  Unfortunately there’s no product you can use to fix a vagina that’s too tight.  It’s just something you and your partner will have to work through together.  Vaginas are often especially tight when the woman hasn’t been sexually active in a while, if ever.  The best thing to do in this case is take it slow.  Use a lot of lubricant and be as relaxed as possible.  After a while, the vagina will become loose enough to have sex normally.

Could there be a more serious problem?

So far we’ve only talked about painful intercourse in terms of the vaginal opening itself.  Sometimes, however, pain can occur deeper in the body.  If you feel pain when the man thrusts, this might be a sign of an internal problem.  There are a few different things this could be, so the best option in this case is to get it checked out by a qualified health professional.  Don’t panic if you’re experiencing this kind of painful intercourse, though.  Sometimes, the reason is as simple as taking it too fast.  It takes a while for your body to become fully aroused and if your partner tries to enter you before this, it can hurt deep in the body.  Take your time and the problem should disappear.

Painful intercourse should be dealt with as soon as possible.  Sex shouldn’t hurt; it should be a wonderful feeling.  Take care of pain during sex now so you and your partner can enjoy intimacy again.

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