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What’s Causing Odor from the Vagina?

Odor from the vagina can be caused by a lot of things.  Some are easier to eliminate than others.  Most of the time, odor is a result of something simple, like poor hygiene or sweat.  In other cases, there’s a more serious cause.  Knowing the different causes of bad vaginal odor is important so you can treat the condition as soon as possible.

Vaginal infections
In some cases a strange odor or even foul smelling vaginal odor can indicate an infection.  There are a few different types of vaginal infections: yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, and sexually transmitted infections.  The most common STI women contract is called trichomoniasis, and this is probably the most serious of the odor-causing infections.  As with most infections, trichomoniasis causes a change in discharge.  With this infection in particular, discharge becomes foamy and greenish gray or yellow color.  Yeast infections cause thick, white, cottage cheese-textured discharge, while bacterial vaginosis causes thin, white or grayish clear discharge.  Other symptoms may include itching, burning, soreness, or redness.  If you think your odor is being caused by an infection, see a doctor.

Irritants in the home
Irritants are probably one of the most common, yet unrecognized, causes of odor from the vagina.  Look to your bathroom and bedroom for potential irritants.  Fragrances and dyes are usually the main cause of irritation, and can be found in many products such as pads, tampons, toilet paper, and feminine cleansing wipes.  The ingredients in condoms, lube, and douches can irritate the sensitive skin of the vagina as well.  To solve this problem, replace scented and dyed products with plain white versions, and choose gentle products for intercourse.  Get rid of the douches and fancy soaps, these can make vaginal issues worse.  All you need to do to keep your vagina clean is to wash the area around the vagina, like the labia, with a gentle, additive-free soap.

Poor hygiene
We’ve already discussed the proper way to clean your vagina, so what are some of the improper ways?  The vagina needs to breathe to stay healthy, just like any other part of your body.  If you consistently wear panties made of synthetic materials, or wear pantyhose with every outfit, it’s hard for your vagina to get air.  When your vagina doesn’t breathe enough it can make conditions favorable for bacteria to grow, causing a smelly vagina.  Wear plain cotton panties when possible, as this will allow proper air circulation down there.  Another thing to avoid is having too much sweat in the vaginal area.  After exercising or being out in the heat, gently wipe the area with a baby wipe to cleanse it.  This should keep odor from forming.

Other tips
There are a few simple tricks you can do to improve vaginal odor even more, like drinking strong fruit juices.  Eating healthy, drinking enough water, and exercising will also keep unpleasant vaginal odor at bay.  You’ll feel more confident when you don’t have to worry about someone noticing an unpleasant smell, so try these tips today. If your looking for a product that can help your with your problem check out Secret Ceres.

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